Yoga And Depression – Does Yoga Help Against Depression?

Yoga and depression

Yoga and depression – this issue has only been studied by specialists for some time. However, the positive impact of this practice on the psychophysical condition has been known for a long time. More and more articles about the correlation between yoga practice and its therapeutic properties in various serious diseases appear in respected scientific … Read more

Golden Aura Meaning: What Does Your Gold Aura Mean?

Golden Aura Meaning

We’ve all heard of the term aura, but what does it really mean? Aura is the electromagnetic spiritual energy that surrounds a person or thing. This field is not visible to everyone. In this article, we’ll be looking at some golden aura meaning and how they are formed, what they signify and how to use … Read more

What does crystal aura meaning, and What Personality Traits?

crystal aura meaning

The aura of someone you don’t know because we can not see an aura with naked eyes. It’s an unseen energy field surrounding our bodies. Your aura color describes a current energetic situation, such as mental health and physical and emotional well-being. Today, we’ll look at that crystal aura meaning, and its affect on your … Read more

Lord Krishna mantra for Love and Marriage And Its Benefits

Lord Krishna mantra for Love and Marriage

Are you struggling to marry to your lover? Lord Krishna mantra for Love and Marriage will help you to merry with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You will get results very soon by chanting this love marriage success mantra. As you know that love is a strong feeling, attachment, and attraction for someone. If you are … Read more

What Is Red Aura Color Meaning? And Its Personality Traits

red aura color meaning

Every living thing on earth have a aura or energy field. Auras are invisible to most people, but anyone can see them if they know what to look for. If you feel strong, direct, passionate, and competitive, you probably have red color in your aura because you have a strong will that goes beyond common … Read more