31 Top Shiva Temples In India You Must Visit In 2022

Shiva Temples In India

Today, we will explore the top Shiva temples in India. The supreme Hindu deity Shiva has played an essential role in forming Indian culture. Shiva is worshipped by millions of people across India. In the North, he is known as Shiva or Mahadeva, while in the South, he is called Thillai. He is described as … Read more

Lord Hanuman Moola Mantra That Can Transfer Your Life

Hanuman Moola Mantra

Lord Hanuman moola mantra is a very powerful and effective mantra among all other mantras. Shri Hanuman Ji was the devotee of Lord Rama and helps Rama in the war against Ravana. Hanuman is the Rudra avatar of shiva and he is the only one savior of all people in Kali Yuga.  By chanting the … Read more

What Is Meaning Of Gayatri Mantra And Its Significance

Meaning Of Gayatri Mantra

Achieve the spiritual nirvana, connect with yourself by practising and learning about Meaning of Gayatri mantra  Written between 1100 to 1700 BC by Maharshi Vishwamitra, महष िववािम, he was the first to grasp the meaning of Gayatri mantra apart from other 24 Rishi.  The Gayatri mantra is about 2500 to 3000 years old. A belief … Read more

5 Interesting Rudra Gayatri Mantra Benefits That You Should now

Rudra Gayatri Mantra Benefits

Gayatri Mantra’s infallible power is absorbed in this Shiva mantra. In this post I will tell you  what are the surprising rudra gayatri mantra benefits.  Devadheeva Mahadev, the destroyer and foster of the universe, is Lord Sakshat Mahakal. Its various forms are the center of faith of devotees. No matter the form, God fulfills everyone’s … Read more

11 Amazing Benefits Of Chanting The Gayatri Mantra 1000 Times

Benefits Of Chanting The Gayatri Mantra 1000 Times

The Gayatri Mantra holds a high level of religious relevance. Immortalized by the Vedas, the Gayatri mantra is dedicated to the Sun God. Saint Vishwamitra elaborated on the Gayatri Mantra. There are many Benefits Of Chanting The Gayatri Mantra 1000 Times. Benefits Of Chanting The Gayatri Mantra 1000 Times 1.Spiritual benefits of chanting Gayatri mantra: … Read more

10 Powerful Lord Krishna Mantras That Change Your Life Forever

lord krishna mantra

If you chant the holy name of Lord Krishna daily, you will gradually start feeling its magical power all around. This holy name of Lord Krishna will destroy all your sins for a lifetime. Along with that, chanting Lord Krishna mantras is another way to remove all your innumerable sins.  Krishna is the name of the supreme … Read more

15 Powerful Ganesha Mantra For Removing Obstacles

ganesha mantra

Ganesha mantra is very helpful in removing all the obstacles. Life is full of obstacles and hurdles, and you need to overcome them. There is a divine power guarding all of us and helps us in removing all these obstacles from our psychological and spiritual lives. In Hinduism, the oldest and most revered deities are … Read more

Powerful Laxmi Mantra meaning and Mahalaxmi Mantra for wealth

Laxmi Mantra

Laxmi Mantra is dedicated to God Laxmi mata. In Hinduism, Mantras are considered to possess spiritual efficiency, and these mantras have their significance in every Hindu rites. Mata Laxmi is the symbol of wealth, prosperity, abundance and luxury. Due to this, the mantra for Laxmi is used to attract wealth and prosperity in one’s life. … Read more

13 Powerful Lord Hanuman Mantra That Can Change Your Life

lord hanuman mantra

Hanuman mantra is a very powerful mantra in Hindu dharma. Hanuman (also known in Sanskrit: Hanuman, Anjaneya, and Maruti) is one of the most popular concepts of devotion to God (devotion to God in Hinduism) and the most crucial figure in the Indian epic Ramayana. According to some thoughts, he is considered the most powerful … Read more