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When you publish your blog post on our site It will be seen by the huge numbers of our users and will also get more exposure through a backlinks to your blog or website through our website. Our goal is to encourage writers and Pro-bloggers to submit guest posts, and thus gain more traffic to own website. By doing this you’ll be able to increase the reach of your brand to all active readers online. Internet.

On Vedastrologer There aren’t any hidden rules and conditions for guest postings We only want original and the content must be written by you and your style. That means we will not permit any content that is duplicated or copied from other website. You have to create it in your own style.

We are passionate about encouraging enthusiastic and creative writers. If you believe that you can create awesome content that can aid the common man, this is the right spot for you as well as for your blog, too. So, if you have the ability to write awesome content send your content to vedastrologer.info@gmail.com. Also, include your bio in two lines, along with a URL to your website or blog that you wish to advertise.

Topics for Guest Post
  1. Spirituality

2. Yoga

3. Religious

4. Astrology

Content Requirements:
  • The post must be original There is no compromise on that. The content should be more than 1000 words. It should have title and description that includes the keywords.
  • We will accept .doc file format. However, you must attach original images at least (minimum of 640×480 pixels) in your blog post that will allow you to writing. Your content must have an image of the feature that is mandatory (minimum 800×500). If the content you submitted required editing, we’ll revise your content to make it clearer.
Things to Note:
  • Your content must be original.
  • Content must be matched with our site niche.
  • Your content shouldn’t include any affiliate links.
  • The content should not contain words, phrases that could harm any community of people.
  • The images shouldn’t have any watermarks of any other website.
  • Your content shouldn’t contain any Malware or Virus that could harm our site or our visitors.

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Conact us here: vedastrologer.info@gmail.com