‘Zodiac Crush’ First Astrology Reality Dating Movie

Will this New Year of 2023 bring a new way to date? The Astrology Experts from Reality TV Movie “Zodiac Crush” say so, and they believe this new way to date is going to be based on the stars!

Right before the New Year, a unique social experiment was filmed in Dallas, Texas titled “Zodiac Crush” , the first social experiment/reality movie to use astrology and numerology together to find a perfect match was created

The movie follows Highland Park Teacher and Entrepreneur Michelle Ravitch (Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Life Path 9) on dates with five bachelors all unique astrological and numerological backgrounds.

The hosts took in consideration the Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Life Path numbers of each bachelor as key indicators of their innate personalities and used this knowledge to find Michelle’s perfect match. Before any of the dates, the experts predict the chemistry discussing the personality behind the astrology and numerology with Michelle and her bachelors.

Although it has been called an experiment it’s far from a serious tone. It is absolutely hilarious and heartwarming to see the genuine friendships and connections being made. Unlike the traditional dating shows on TV, everyone here is happy, laughing, and making friends. In an interview with all of them they remarked that after the show they still all hangout and have made life long friends. This comment left a lot of people wondering if Michelle and her “Perfect Match” are still dating after the movie (I won’t spoil it for you) You can watch the movie yourself streaming online through their official website and amazon prime.

Ask yourself this 2023, will you consider Astrology and/or Numerology when dating? A lot of people already are, and we’ve been seeing this trend on the rise for the past couple years! For the skeptics, something fun I like to recommend is looking up the

astrological charts and life path numbers of your previous relationships because there is often a noticeable trend! I believe Astrology & Numerology dating is here to stay and movies like “Zodiac Crush” are proof, the creators of the movie are young Creatives in their 20’s Mike Anthony and Michelle Ravitch. In an interview with both of them I found out that a lot of their mission behind this movie is to “inspire and create the reality of astrology and numerology dating” Mike Anthony said that, “by bringing this concept to life, people will become curious to learn more about themselves; their astrology and numerology. That there is no way anyone can read about themselves; the meanings of their stars and numbers without being amazed.”

When asked if another movie will be coming out Michelle Ravitch replied, “We have had such a great reaction from the movie and so much support! We are not going to make another movie, but actually we are turning it into a streamable TV series!”

No news on when the TV series will be available, but I have found rumors online that they are currently casting in either Austin or Dallas Texas this 2023. If you are interested in being the next bachelor or bachelorette on “Zodiac Crush” stay up to date with them on instagram and through their official website. Also next time you go on a date remember to ask

them for their Zodiac Sign, also their Moon Sign and Life Path number! .. Secret about me is that I do it on all of my dates now after watching this movie, I can’t help it!!

-Sara Vick