How To Read Auras? Step By Step Guide

Aura reading has become very popular over the last decade or so. By reading someone else’s aura, you can get an idea of their general health, what emotions are dominant at that moment, and what challenges they may face. Although aura reading is not a scientific process, several ways to read auras effectively exist. In this article we’ll explain everything how to read auras yourself and used in healing.

Step By Step Guide How To Read Auras Yourself

Preparing For The Aura Reading

Following these steps to prepare for your aura will relax the individual and help you take a better reading standard.

Choose The Ideal Background.

To enhance your ability to determine the actual colour of a person’s aura, opting for a white or neutral background is best. White is an excellent choice, but any neutral-coloured wall or backdrop is fine.

Iain Balmain, the Psychic Advisora psychic reader in Hampshire, when reading someone’s aura, will do it in a quiet and comfortable setting. You want to focus entirely on the person and their aura to be at peace and not distracted.

Choose Optimal Lighting

Finding the proper lighting for an aura reading often ensures the setting isn’t too light or bright, nor too dark. You don’t want to strain your eyes or feel stressed, so choose a moderate lighting level you and the other person are comfortable with.

Many readers find natural light is best, but a mixture of candles or lamps will help you create the optimal atmosphere.

Position The Person Whose Aura Is Being Read

The person should stand in front of a white background, and it will be helpful to talk them through the process. This will put them at ease, helping to generate a more accurate reading. Also, in advance, advise the individual it is best to wear solid-colored clothing. Anything with a pattern might be distracting, skewing your reading.

Carrying Out The Aura Reading

Now that everything is in place follow these steps to read an aura.

Look At The Person

Relax, select a point, and stare at it for up to a minute. It would be best if you allowed your eyes to move out of focus, and at this point, many readers find a haze forming around the individual. Initially, this haze appears translucent or bright white, but soon, a color will develop.

Rather than trying to take in a person’s physical body, focus on one point simultaneously. For example, the person’s forehead is a great starting point, and concentrating on this point often makes an aura of color emerge.

Determine The Aura Color You See

If you first see muddy or clouded colors, don’t worry; you are on the right lines. Also, remember that if you see mixed or multiple colors, this might be down to the person having a confusing aura.

Allow yourself enough time to feel confident about the color(s) you’ve seen. You don’t need to rush this stage, and don’t be surprised if the aura initially disappears if you blink or change focus.

Consider The Impact Of After-images.

Aura readers might pick up after-images when you stare at a single point for so long. These relate to the focal point and not the individual. It is common for after-images to be paired in colors, with common pairs including:

  • Black and white
  • Green and pink
  • Yellow and violet
  • Blue and orange
  • Turquoise and red

Note What Colours You Saw.

Don’t rely on your memory; record the colours you saw when studying a person’s aura. This allows you to share the findings with the person with greater confidence and means you can analyze the figures at your leisure.

An aura reader might draw a (or use a templated) physical body outline and then colour the aura themselves. This is often a helpful way to explain someone’s aura, and if you provide aura readings commercially, it is an excellent way to present findings to a client.

Auras reading

What Do Aura Colours Mean?

It is one thing to see aura colors, but for proper analysis, you need to know the personality traits the aura colors link to. A helpful overview of aura colours and their meaning is found below:

Red aura – well-grounded, energetic, strong-willed

Orange aura – adventurous, thoughtful, considerate

Yellow aura – creative, relaxed, friendly vibe

Green aura – social, communicative, nurturing

Blue aura – intuitive, spiritual, freethinker

Indigo aura – curious, spiritually connected, gentle

Violet aura – wise, intellectual, independent

Pink aura – open, sensitive, receptive to love

Golden aura – wisdom, intuition

The above list covers the primary aura colors, but some auras have experienced other colors. Brown and black sometimes appear, often viewed as negative energy.

A light brown aura often means someone is confused, lacking in confidence, and discouraged. A darker brown aura is linked to selfish behaviour and deception. With black aura, associations are depression, anger, hatred, negative thoughts, and even major illness.

If you recognize these negative energies, please feel confident about what you see, as many people will be upset at having flaws exposed. However, if you are convinced this is the colour an individual has, informing them can help them make changes.

Can A Person Have More Than Colour – Say, A Blue And Pink Aura?

Yes, if you see a mix or blend of colors, it signifies the personality is likely a mixture of these traits.

For example, if you see someone with a red and green aura, they would be energetic, strong-willed, and a good communicator. With a blue aura and pink aura, someone could be spiritual and open to love. No matter the mix of blue auras, pink auras, read auras, yellow auras, or whatever, it shows someone has more features to their personality and potentially different energies.

This isn’t uncommon, and a mix of aura colors can offer greater insight into a person’s energy. Look for the colour of the highest frequency to see which has more energy.

Can An Aura Reader Read Their Own Energy?

It is possible to read your own aura, which is helpful for many people. The starting process is to rub your hand together, which activates the energy, and you’ll likely feel your own aura at this point.

With a purple aura linked with psychic abilities and connection to the spiritual world, don’t be surprised if an aura reader senses purple as their color.

Is Aura Photography Legitimate?

Aura photography, or Kirlian photography, claims to capture spiritual energy, which means the aura color of the energy field isn’t captured, even with a special camera.

Reading auras is a good way to look at the emotional body, and people with a higher spiritual awareness can offer psychic readings based on other people’s energy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that anyone can learn how to read auras. You can start interpreting auras yourself with practice, patience, and an open mind. Maybe you’ll discover that certain colors mean different things for you than they do for someone else. It is important to remember that everyone’s experience with reading auras is unique and valid. Finally, keep an open mind when reading auras and trust your intuition.