What Is Meaning Of Gayatri Mantra And Its Significance

Achieve the spiritual nirvana, connect with yourself by practising and learning about Meaning of Gayatri mantra 

Written between 1100 to 1700 BC by Maharshi Vishwamitra, महष िववािम, he was the first to grasp the meaning of Gayatri mantra apart from other 24 Rishi. 

The Gayatri mantra is about 2500 to 3000 years old. A belief that mother Gayatri owns all the Veda and every Veda has its essence, rigved, Ayurveda, Samaveda. 

The goddess is known to show the glory and the right path to one who seeks her and knowledge. 

Those who truly practise and understand the meaning of Gayatri mantra believe they are blessed with strength and shield -Gayantam Triyate iti

Gayantam (the one who sings) 



Meaning Of Gayatri Mantra

Who is Gayatri?

The Word Gayatri means three Veda, The Word Gaya means to reveal and the Word tri means three. She is divine light Who illuminates these three worlds, Smart brahmans sums Gayatri mantra is a Deep hymn for Surya deva, the supreme lord, lord who represents the solar energy. 

What is the Meaning Of Gayatri Mantra? 

Goddess Gayatri meaning – senses The power of speech, She is maha Gayatri -mother of the Vedas, some say as Savitri -the one to drive life, She is -Saraswathi goddess of knowledge, music art, She is usually described in variant forms and has different names, 

Three-footed,six-bellied, Five pairs of hands, Five heads, The one who wears white, she sits on a lotus. That is how Lord Krishna defines mother Gayatri in Mahabharat Upanishad. 

Gayatri mantra holds significance in the pre and post-Vedic era. It practises as well as, Significance, is Describe in all the 3 Vedas, Although. Being so ancient, people still practise and influence with that 24 letters shlok. 

Sāvitri Mantra or call it Gayatri mantra in Sanskrit hymn with 24 words, 

Although the meaning of Gayatri mantra has modified a lot in the modern period, Gayatri mantra isn’t just part of hindu rituals. Its practice. Its meaning has been an influential part in politics and movies as well.

Bhagvat geeta on gayatri mantra: BG 10:35 

“Brihat-sama tatha samnam gayatri chhandasam aham 

Masanam marga-shirsho ham ritunam kusumakarah.” 

Sree Krishna – says among all the songs in Sama Veda Gayatri mantra is a beautiful devotional song, it has a pleasant melody and sung at night. 

What are the words to word meaning of the Gayatri mantra? 

One good thing about Sanskrit is that the phonetic and language go both hands in hand, so translating the Sanskrit language to any other language is quite easy. Although Gayatri mantra words are pleasant to chant and it has many benefits as well. 

ॐ भूभुवः ः तिवतुवरेयं भग देव धीमिह धयो यो नः चोदयात्॥ 

Here Goddess Gayatri mantra in English. 

Om bhūr bhuvasvaḥ 

tat savitur vareyaṃ 

bhargo devasya dhīmahi 

dhiyo yo napracodayāt 

Here contemplates the glory Gayatri mantra meaning in English. 

ॐ(om) aum– phonetic engages you to nirvana, connecting you with the consciousness and self-connection, 

Om is a syllable that chanted alone or with spiritual recitation, 

Aum denotes the three magnificent power creation, maintenance and destruction Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, that stands for unimaginable creators. 

भूभुवःPhysical Plane 

तिवतुवरेयं 85(Tat-Savitur-Varenyam) 

The Ultimate Reality the goddess – Divine Sun -Adore, cherish. 

bhūr bhuvasvais mahavyahrti (great spiritual music)

भग| (Bhargo) Illumination 

देवधयो (devasya) –Divine Grace 

धीमिह (Dheemahi) – We Contemplate 

ध (Dhi) – Intellect 

यो (Yo) -Who 

नः (Nah) -Ours 

चोदयात्(Prachodayat) – Praying 

Although you can find the word “OM” in almost any hymn, Originally meaning of Gayatri mantra is written as well as speaking as: 

“Bhurbhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat”. 

Gayatri mantra meaning simplified 

Oo, Divine mother Gayatri, our hearts are filled with darkness. Please make this darkness distant from us and promote illumination within us. 

Gayatri mantra English translation 

We pray on the glory of the creator 

Who has created the universe 

the one Who is worth of worship 

Gayatri mantra meaning Kannada language: 

ಓಂ ಭೂಭುವಃ ಸಃ | ತತತುವೕಣಂ | ಭೂೕ 

ೕವಸ ೕಮ ೕೕನಃ ಪೂೕದಾ || 

What is the Significance of the Gayatri mantra and benefits of chanting Gayatri mantra?

It is believed that the one who understands the meaning of the Gayatri mantra and chants this great utterance, is driven in the right direction, gains intelligence and progresses towards his journey. 

Gayatri mantra is a powerful yet soothing hymn. There are so many benefits of chanting Gayatri mantra. Some of the positive effects of chanting Gayatri Mantra every day: 

● It improves learning power. 

● It helps in concentrating better. 

● It brings home prosperity. 

● It helps people to increase eternal power. 

● It is peaceful 

● The easiest way to meditate. 

● You feel the spiritual growth. 

● You are more in touch with God And religion. 

● It strengthens the mind and improves the health condition. 

● It improves the rhythmic pattern of breathing. 

● It keeps our hearts healthy. 

● It protects the devotee from all the dangers. 

● You become more mindful. 

● It makes you feel more positive. 

● It is all a good happy feeling. 

● You connect more with yourself 

● You let your brain relax 

● Gayatri mantra dedicated to darkness distant 

How to chant Gayatri mantra and what is best rituals to follow: 

If you never did this before, I strongly recommend you chanting Gayatri mantra. Although when you are Starting. 

One of the easiest ways, To chant and understand the meaning of Gayatri mantra is You can chant on alternative days, once chanting is part of your life you should make a daily habit. 

● When it comes to chanting Gayatri mantra, There are certain rules you should always close your eyes and should try to concentrate on every word and understand their meaning. 

● Start with “OM” the guru mantra for all the spiritual chants. 

● Use rudraksha mala, which helps to concentrate better. 

● Chanting is like you connecting to god. Make sure that you have to Take a bath and are all fresh. 

● Avoid Heavy food before chanting, as doing so can make you feel lethargic and lazy. ● You can choose any time convenient for chanting, although early morning, hour 5:00 Am to 6:00 am, the perfect time to chant in the morning routine.

● Just like sports, you can practice chanting too, when you are consistently practising.you get better So practise. 

I truly believe that anytime can be God time, you can follow this ritual in the evening too. Many people prefer to chant the Gayatri mantra at night too. 

While you learn the basics of chanting and learn the meaning of the Gayatri mantra, one of the best takeaways is that, Chanting is like music, where the more you connect to yourself the more you connect to god. Chant to connect. 

Chanting om bhur bhuvah svah Gayatri mantra to receive the glory of God. Recollect god names with pure heart, love and trust give more positive results. 

Chanting can unlock you. To an extreme level of mental health and self-awareness. Besides, you are showing gratitude to divine goddess Gayatri and supreme lord sun. There’s nothing better than chanting Gayatri mantra.